Friday, February 17, 2012

New Directions

Some of you know that I stepped down as Caringo's Chief Architect last summer to pursue my next endeavor. I'm still very positive about the company and its products, and, most importantly, the team of very bright software folks who continue to work on CAStor and the future of the cloud.

My interest in distributed computing has not waned, and I will continue to write about related topics here as the spirit moves me. However, having watched the emergence of social networking systems like Facebook and Twitter over the last few years, I have begun to think again about broader, but related topics. In a way, social networking - "distributed people" - is like distributed computing and it shares many of the same challenges and opportunities. Both fields ask essentially the same question: How can we build systems in which autonomous, distributed entities collaborate with one another in order to accomplish goals?

So I am going to expand the focus of this blog to include some of the fascinating (at least to me) ideas I've been exploring over the past few months. We will touch on issues such as distributed collaboration, online voting, reputation, and identity and discuss them from both technical and social viewpoints.

Given that we're talking about people now, and not just computer hardware, I expect some of the topics will be more controversial. And that's good! Feel free to comment on any post if you disagree or want to correct my assumptions. Part of the point of this blog for me is to learn from my readers (assuming there are any) and test some theories of mine that so far only my dog has vetted.

This should be fun.

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